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Arthur Cox Law Firm, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin City Bike Racks

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Castit supplied and installed Semi-Vertical Bike Racks for Arthur Cox Law Firm in Dublin city center in April 2017.


The Semi Vertical Bike Rack is an easy to use cycle parking solution allowing users to store their bikes semi-vertically with both front and rear wheels located in a specially designed trough. This simple product maximises the use of space compared to traditional cycle parking methods, and can be incorporated into most spaces.


The sturdy Semi Vertical Bike Rack is made from galvanised steel and is secured to the ground with bolts. Its specially designed trough makes it suitable to store all types of bicycles, including mountain bikes and bicycles with extra wide tyres. This product is ideal for businesses, schools and places of work.

Put To Use

The racks once fitted were immediately put to use by employees in the building as can be seen in the photos included.

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